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Free Thyroid Talk with Dr. Mark Scott.

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Do you suffer from any of the following thyroid symptoms

  • Fatigue and Low Energy Weight gain even with exercise and a low-calorie diet
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Mental fog and poor memory (even at a young age)
  • Headaches constipation or diarrhea anxiety and/or depression
  • Always feeling cold, you get sick easily and have a hard time recovering

If you’re like most thyroid sufferers, you’ve probably been watching your health gradually get worse and worse over the years. You must understand that 5/6 people with thyroid disease will not get better by only taking hormones. As a matter of fact, hormones actually make some people worse…and in some cases, actually CAUSE hypothyroidism! Many doctors do not know this.

In my opinion, thyroid disease is the most misunderstood and improperly treated condition in modern medicine. The reason is that the current treatment method is based on a 50-year-old model (trying to balance TSH and T4 via hormone pills).

There is a lot that can and MUST be done via expanded blood work, nutrition, and lifestyle changes if you are to have a healthy future!
It’s a sad fact that most women and mothers devote their lives to others and often do not spend the time to do something for themselves. Do yourself a favor and take an hour out of your week to come to this talk.
Don’t waste any more time on this medical “merry go round”, constantly having your medication adjusted while watching your health deteriorate.

We change lives in our office. Isn’t it time for you to re-invent yours?

Topics to be discussed

  1. 3 reasons why you still have thyroid symptoms even though your labs look “normal”
  2. Why your thyroid hormone may not be working, and in some cases may be making you worse
  3. Why your thyroid symptoms may not even be coming from a faulty thyroid gland
  4. How your digestion, liver function, blood glucose, adrenal glands, hormones and the immune system play a role in your thyroid function

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